How and Why to Live an Incredible Life Independently

The two ways of living

You can choose an incredible and independent life. |

There are two types of people and two paths in life.

The majority of people wait around for good things to happen to them. They watch others live the life they wish they had.

This may not be a conscious decision. Trapped in our daily lives with a job, friends, and family, we might not be able to see that.

Then there are people who are discovering their dreams and turning them into reality. They are always trying to figure out what would make them happy. 

Have you ever thought about living an independent and awesome life on your own terms? Becoming a digital nomad is the first step towards this life.

Become a digital nomad and travel around the world. |
Digital nomads working in a coffeeshop

What does the digital nomad lifestyle mean for me?

Of course, it’s an unorthodox career and a remarkable lifestyle. The question is, are you willing to risk the comfort of the familiar? Can you find your true happiness in living this extraordinary life?

The key is to overcome your own fears and many of the socially-reinforced beliefs. It’s about doing what you are passionate about and living an independent life.

Pro Tip: discover what YOU want out of life and what’s possible for yourself. Make sure you question all your assumptions.

Social Pressure

Many of us have strong social beliefs and may not even realize it. We live our lives determined by social conditioning. A lot of people avoid doing what they’re passionate about out of the fear of failure. 

Don’t let social rules dictate how you live your life. Don’t be afraid to become someone different and don’t let it keep you from giving life your best shot.

Be where you want to be

The ability to access free or cheap wifi all around the world is increasing. It’s becoming possible for anyone to work in a remote place.

Don’t let social requirements get in your way of living an independent life as a digital nomad. |

Work from home, work in a coffee shop, work wherever you want to be. You can travel around the world while you complete freelance work from your laptop!

Reasons to be a digital nomad

There are endless reasons why this independent lifestyle is amazing.

The first thing you should do is discover what kind of work you’re passionate about. Do some self-reflection and search within yourself for the things you care about. 

Five benefits of being a digital nomad

1. You’re more productive

Exploring your new surroundings while travelling is one of the best motivations. The adventure will motivate you to get your work done as soon as possible.

2. Your own schedule

We all have these days when nothing works as we want it to. No worries! As a digital nomad, you’re able to schedule your work as you want to. This freedom also brings more productivity.

3. Less stressful working environment

Choose your own office! Go to a coffee shop, work from home, everything is possible (as long as you have internet access). You don’t have to run from one meeting room to the next anymore.

4. Build lifelong relationships

Awesome and adventurous experiences build close connections between people. On your journey, you’ll meet other digital nomads and become friends with them. Getting to know other people’s perspectives on life helps you view your own life very different. 

5. Live in paradise

Last but not least, one of the best reasons: you get to live an amazing life in paradise. This paradise can be defined as whatever your paradise would be. Beaches and palm trees? Mountains and landscapes? That’s up to you. (Pro tip: make sure you have an internet connection.)

Where to start this independent life?

There are many different ways to start a digital nomad life. Be aware that it does not happen overnight.

Give your passion priority over money, status, or even comforts. Being a digital nomad can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging ways to live.

The importance of digital marketing

These days the world connects through the internet. It is much easier to share ideas with a global audience.

Social media networks are present in the lives of millions around the world.

Doing an internship and learning about digital marketing is one way to live life independently. |

It’s also becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Social media, provides benefits by being able to reach millions of customers worldwide.

Having marketing experience is a huge asset. Especially if you want to start your own business one day.

Have you thought of an internship to start?

The first step towards an independent life as a digital nomad can be huge. Sometimes we have to try before we’re convinced to change our whole life.

Doing an internship is the best way to see if you’re able to live that kind of remarkable and independent life.

The Paradise Interns experience

Have you ever considered working in the marketing industry? Here is the thing — you don’t even need to have marketing experience.

Paradise Interns gives you the chance to learn everything about working in social media marketing. Then, you get a chance to practice your skills hands-on at a company picked to match your strengths. Perfect to get the first taste of that independent lifestyle.

Doing this internship is the perfect way to discover your boundaries, but also things you love to do.

You can improve your skills and learn about branding, digital strategies, SEO and so much more. 

If you have any questions about the marketing internship don’t hesitate to get in touch! Have a look at the Instagram page to see how it looks like to live and learn in paradise.

The door to a whole new world

As mentioned before, to become a digital nomad is a new way of living. You’re not following social norms of owning a house and the normal working 40-hour week anymore. 

Even though everybody seems to follow one way of living, there is no law that says you have to follow the crowd.

Do you want to live an amazing and independent life? Be responsible and play an active role in choosing your future.

Living life independently in paradise is the dream. |

Our time on earth is precious and can be way too short. The question is: how are you going to choose to live your life?