Paradise Interns: The Coolest Marketing Internship Out There

An introduction to Paradise Interns’ marketing internship

Paradise Interns‘ digital marketing internship is one of a kind. Like all internships, the aim is to learn a trade and apply it for a period of time. Digital marketing is not a new thing, but how this internship is structured makes it unique.

For many years, Indonesia has been a hub for a class of people who are called “digital nomads”. They are people who work in different fields using a laptop and an internet connection. Indonesia has low living costs and a large expat community. All these factors make it an exciting location for this marketing experience.

Paradise Interns’ marketing internship is different from others in the sense that what you get in return is not just education, but a real life-changing experience. The marketing experience lasts six months. The first month is an intensive course in digital marketing on Bali, specialising mainly in social media marketing. 

In the following five months, each intern will relocate to a company as a digital marketing intern to help run the company’s social media marketing. In return, you will get benefits such as free scuba diving or a stipend towards accommodation (these vary based on the type of internship you choose: scuba diving or non-diving, they have both).

All the companies are tourism-related. The choice is varied: dive centres, yoga retreats, real estate, beach clubs, designers, and many more. There is an excellent array of dive centres in which you can be placed.

Anna Kloth, the CEO and founder of Paradise Interns, has worked in the scuba diving and digital marketing industries for several years and is an expert in her field. Anna decides your placement after reviewing your application and an extensive interview with you, and she’s legendary for making great matches.

For people interested in scuba diving, this is a unique opportunity of its kind. The other non-diving opportunities are also inspiring. The wide choice of marketing experiences can satisfy all tastes. 

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Do I need marketing experience to enrol in the internship?

A question that comes up: do I need previous marketing experience to enrol in the internship? The answer is no.

In fact, this program being an internship means that you come to learn. However, there is a selection for interns, as placements are limited.

What is considered the most important is the desire and enthusiasm to learn. The work ethic is also very important. Other creative skills are also taken into consideration. Photography, videography, graphic design, SEO, marketing, writing, etc. Each intern comes from a different background and everyone learns something. 

Selection takes place in a few steps, to make sure you’re a fantastic candidate. The door is open to everyone, even for those who have never travelled or worked abroad.

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Get what you want out of your marketing internship

The main choice concerns diving or non-diving internships. The intern chooses this in the selection process. The social media tasks for the companies will be almost the same: to promote the business using digital marketing tools.

The interns do not choose the company or location directly. These are assigned by Anna, as mentioned. Of course, personal preferences are taken into account but each company has specific requests and each intern has their own strengths.

This is another crucial point of Paradise Interns’ marketing internship. The strengths and weaknesses of the interns are taken into consideration. We are given a chance to do what we like most by getting the best for the company and us.

My personal experience at Paradise Interns

From the selection process to the bootcamp, I found it a professionally managed marketing internship, while still maintaining the friendly and playful atmosphere that distinguishes the team at Paradise Interns. It is like a big family. The hardest parts are the first month of bootcamp and the first month at your company. 

You learn a lot of new things and you are introduced to a new environment. It is normal to feel a little disoriented. My marketing experience took place at Blue Marlin Dive Komodo, a dive centre in Labuan Bajo. In 2017 I earned my open water certification there, so it was exciting to come back after a long time.

I wanted to go to Komodo, and this was taken into account, like my photography skills and my passions. I wasn’t looking for a crowded nightlife setting. I wanted unforgettable dives in a healthy and varied marine ecosystem. Trying underwater photography was extremely exciting and that’s what I wanted.

The part that I liked the most was the content creation for my company. I never felt alone during my marketing experience. I had constant feedback on my work. The team at Paradise Interns is always ready to communicate with the interns. My experience was a positive one and extremely exciting.

Unfortunately, it was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that nobody expected. It was difficult for everyone to manage it. I have decided to complete the marketing internship and I will return to Komodo as soon as possible.

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Why Paradise Interns’ marketing internship is the coolest out there

Why, in my opinion, is Paradise Interns’ marketing internship the coolest out there? The most important factor for me was to be able to go in the direction I wanted, and this internship allowed me to do that. It allowed me to learn many new things but also to develop more of what I like.

I consider it a fundamental point. The strengths and passions of the intern are taken into consideration. The team at Paradise Interns is knowledgeable and prepared while the work environment is playful and friendly. I felt comfortable.

Being passionate about nature, the possibility of scuba diving in exchange for helping the company with their social media was perfect. Indonesia is one of my favourite countries. It is rich in culture, history and natural beauty. There are quiet places and crowded ones full of nightlife.

It is a country able to please all tastes. The digital nomads and expat community is very active, therefore it’s an inspirational environment and great for networking. In this marketing internship you really have the chance to taste the working life of a digital marketer. It is a continuous challenge, extremely exciting and rewarding.

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