How to Be a Digital Nomad While Taking Advantage of Komodo Diving

So you’ve been placed in the most beautiful scuba diving destination in the world, Komodo National Park. You’re trying to hold back your excitement screams, and waiting to tell all your dive buds back home.

Komodo is one of the most insane, diverse dive locations. From beautiful, bright healthy corals, to mantas flocking in huge numbers, there’s something for everyone. Occasional shark and eagle rays make surprise drive-bys. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness a school of eagle rays and more than 20 mantas at the same time.

It will be difficult for other places to compare to the diving Komodo offers, giving you high expectations for the future. Following every dive, you’ll be craving for the next.

Diver Taking advantage of Komodo Diving | Digital Nomad Diving in Komodo |

It can be exhilarating to dive in such an incredible place every day, you’ll think of nothing other than the sea. However, in a place this beautiful with marketing intern responsibilities to complete, you’ll need to find balance to succeed in both. 

Diving and balancing all your marketing internship tasks

Diving in Komodo requires certain skills that aren’t taught in school: resilience and adaptability. Your responsibility to manage all social media accounts on a daily basis, while spending all day on a boat, will test your limits. It isn’t easy, I’ll say that much… BUT the unbelievable diving makes up for the long hours.

 Crew on dive boat while completing marketing internship | Digital Nomad Diving in Komodo |

What a typical day looks like (if you’re doing your divemaster)

Wake up at 5:45am. If you need more time in the morning, then 5:30am is best. Arrive at your shop at 6:30am.

Meet the divemaster or instructor for the day, and walk over to the boat together. Say hello to your boat crew and start setting up all the equipment.

Make a plan for everyone’s equipment and where it will live for the day. Set everything up, test it out, ensure the sizing is all correct. Don’t forget to make everything looks neat and tidy before the guests get on.

The customers will usually get to the boat around 7:15-7:20am. You will be that friendly face that they can chat with if they have any questions or if they’re traveling alone.

 View from a digital nomad in Komodo National Park |

The commute into Komodo 

The journey to Komodo takes around an hour and a half. During this time, enjoy the views, but also pay attention to what the crew around you is doing. Are they making weight belts? Boat briefings? There will be a general boat briefing that covers all the vital information to navigate around the boat, safety rules and plan for the day. Definitely pay attention to this briefing (and all the dive briefings) as this will be your job very soon! 

You’ll complete three dives in the park, with one-hour surface intervals between. After the second dive, you’ll enjoy a freshly prepared meal from the chef on board. After the third dive, it’s time to get comfy on a bean bag and take a snooze. If you haven’t caught up on your marketing internship duties, this is the perfect time to tackle them. 

The no napping rule

The rule on our boat at NEREN, and many other companies, was no naps until after the third dive. After all, you are the face of the company, and if anyone needs assistance it doesn’t look good if you’re in your third dream!

After the third dive, you are free to nap the rest of the journey away. Enjoy this time, nothing better than being rocked to sleep by the passing waves.

Back to land

Depending how the day goes, you’ll arrive back into Labuan Bajo between 4:00-5:30pm. Now you can sit back and watch the sunset at one of the many bars and lookout points! Kidding – you have content to put together for the next week for your marketing internship!

If you’re a professional multi-tasker, you can watch the sunset AND perform your digital nomad duties.

Time management is ESSENTIAL to becoming a digital nomad

People are constantly talking about being a digital nomad and travelling the world for free. However, many don’t talk about the hard work that comes along with it.

Being a digital nomad is one thing, but succeeding and thriving as one is a whole other ball game. Time management is key, while you balance diving and marketing. This is of the most important skills to have if you want to be successful in any job.

How does one do this while in a marketing internship AND a divemaster internship at the same time?

Bring your computer EVERYWHERE

Even if you’re diving all day, bring your computer on the boat (make sure to have a protective case around it and your boat has a covered area to store it). You can pull it out during surface intervals if you have a few things due that day. You can also take advantage of the 1.5 hour journey there and back that’s PLENTY of time to create captions and finish content each day.

There’s also the option to skip one of the dives and finish some social media while everyone is off the boat. Less distractions, and you won’t feel as if you’re neglecting customers. Additionally, you still get to log one or two dives that day, instead of zero!

Alternatively, you can store your computer at your shop, depending how safe and secure the office is. At my shop, there was someone at the reception at all times, so I was able to leave my computer with the crew.

If you have your computer when you come back from a dive late, you can easily finish up your duties in the shop office. By having this on you at all times, you’ll be able to save time going home. When you’re done you can meet up with friends for dinner and a cheeky Bintang!

(Priorities, am I right?!)

Stay on top of your marketing internship duties

In Komodo, time is of the essence every day. Each day you’re not diving, you need to use your time wisely and be productive with your responsibilities. If you don’t, that’s just another three dives that you’ll miss out on the next day.

In other places it’s easy to skip one dive to get some social media done, and hop on the afternoon dive. Alternatively, in other placements you’re able to wake up early, get a few hours of work in, with time to make it onto the morning dive.

HELLO – you’re in Komodo and your dive days begin at 6:30am, and you’re out allllll day. That’s not gonna work for you.

Unless you want to wake up at 4:00am, you absolutely have take advantage of your non-diving days!

If you need a break, take it – marketing internships are full on

I’ve talked about getting the most diving possible in while you’re completing your marketing duties. At the same time, Komodo life can get hectic quite quickly. It can be difficult to say no to the coveted question, “are you diving tomorrow?” but give your body a rest. Sometimes it does need a full day to chill out and maybe get that laundry done you’ve been meaning to do for two weeks.

People enjoying diving after finishing their marketing duties in Komodo |

Take ALL the pictures and videos

You will thank yourself later when you are scraping for new content. Document everything on the boat. The crew absolutely loves being in pictures. They will harass you to send them every single one you took. They love selfies, so get them involved – it looks amazing for your content too! People love photos of the crew.

Don’t forget to get customers involved! They love seeing posts of themselves up on the ‘gram. Also great for engagement as they’ll share your pictures, and you’ll bump up those analytics!

It might sound annoying to be on your phone all the time, but trust me, future you will be grateful for all the footage. Perhaps something like COVID-19 will sweep the world by storm and you’ll be at home creating marketing content. No one is diving and sending me pictures, but I have hundreds of photos to choose from without repeating the same boring pictures.

 Digital nomad diving in Komodo with mantas |

Enjoy every day and be grateful that your marketing internship is in Komodo

I’ll be completely honest, diving in Komodo and having 12-hour days on the boat 4-5 times a week, while creating content, is exhausting. It brings you to a whole new level of delirious. However, this gave me the motivation to be productive and useful with my time, while still being able to enjoy all the perks of the internship

Would I trade this to dive anywhere else? Definitely not. The minute I jumped off the boat and witnessed over 20 mantas swimming around me, I knew the hustle was worth the lifestyle.