6 Months Being a Piña: My Amazing Time with Paradise Interns

by Christin Otto, June – December 2019 Piña

I don’t really believe in the power of the universe. But the moment when I first bumped into the program of Paradise Interns in a Facebook group was perfect. It was June 2018 and I had just handed in my resignation letter to my boss.

Maybe it was a great coincidence or maybe great targeting on Facebook. (With my new digital marketing experience, I would guess it was the targeting.)

Trying to find the catch

Reading the program details was a bit of a dream. You move to Bali for a 6 month digital marketing internship. You learn how to work as a digital nomad and you can dive every day for free in Bali. That sounded perfect for a scuba diving junkie like me. Too perfect. I even had a marketing background.

After a few hours of reading reviews and talking to friends, I still couldn’t find the trap. I even sent a message to Paradise Interns with some questions and got answers right away. Wow, there are real people behind it. So I was convinced to apply!

How to apply for the marketing internship

Applying for the marketing internship at Paradise Interns is pretty straightforward. I had to send them my CV, a cover letter and a couple of creative pieces, like pictures, videos or paintings. There are no special requirements. They wanted to see my creative potential.

Paradise Interns replied very quickly again. They invited me to join the marketing internship starting in October 2018. But my plan was to travel a few months after finishing my 9 to 5 job in September. So we agreed to postpone my application to 2019.

In January 2019, I had my interview with Anna. We talked about my experience, my work attitude, some personality stuff and my diving experience. Anna really wants to find the perfect match for the interns and the companies. That’s why she’s so interested in the personality of a person. And honestly, she is very good at doing that.

I had a good feeling while talking to her. And my feelings didn’t fool me. I got accepted to the marketing internship. In June 2019, I would move to Indonesia for 6 months. What an exciting plan!

Do I need marketing experience?

It’s not required to have any special marketing experience. But it was very helpful that I worked in different marketing positions previously. I wanted to have a change in my life and my job and learn more about social media and digital stuff. So this digital marketing internship was perfect.

What to prepare for living in Indonesia

Preparing for a 6 month internship in Indonesia is not as difficult as it sounds. Especially not because you get loads of information from Paradise Interns. The onboarding information for their marketing internship covers every question that exists. 

What to bring? What kind of visa do I need? How do I get it? How much money do I need? What is life like in Indonesia? These and many more questions are answered in plenty of time pre-internship by Paradise Interns. And they have a dedicated onboarding manager who is there if you manage to think of another question that isn’t already in their onboarding info. So no need to stress out.

The marketing internship starts with bootcamp

My time with Paradise Interns started at a villa in Jimbaran. All interns will stay here for the first month for the Bootcamp. In this time, we learned what to do during the internship. And how to get good marketing experience.

The marketing internship of Paradise Interns occurs in a villa with a pool in Bali, Indonesia.

The moment when I arrived at the villa was very exciting. I met all the people working at Paradise Interns, and more important, all the other interns. Twenty fresh Piñas from all over the world started this internship.

During bootcamp, we had a very full syllabus. We started with information about Indonesia as a country and a short Bahasa class, followed by some basic marketing knowledge. Even for me with marketing experience, it was good to refresh my mind.

On the second day, Anna told us about our placements. I was so happy to hear that I was going to be placed in Nusa Lembongan. I had never been to this place but heard that the diving is great. I would get to dive with manta rays and molas for the next 5 months. My scuba diving heart was happy.

The marketing interns start with a month-long marketing Bootcamp in Jimbaran.

We learned how to make Facebook happy as a social media manager and how to find the right hashtags for Instagram. For me, this was the most challenging part of bootcamp. But now I know hashtags are not rocket science!

After the first two weeks, my group was still very relaxed and happy to learn new stuff. But the second half is actually why bootcamp called bootcamp. We started creating the first set of content for our shops. For most of us, it was super overwhelming and we worked the whole weekend and until late at night.

They promised us that we would become faster and faster. And looking back I can say it’s true. I’m much faster and more confident with creating content now.

Five months of living in paradise

After 4 weeks of intense training, it was time to get on the speedboat to Nusa Lembongan. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful island would be my home for the next five months.

The people at my placement were very welcoming and helpful. They even organized a room for me for my whole stay. The rent was 2 million IDR per month, which is less than 200 Euro. Life in Bali is amazingly cheap, even on a paradise island like Lembongan.

During the marketing internship, the interns live the island life like on Nusa Lembongan in Bali.

I felt super happy in my dive shop. I worked very closely with the marketing manager. I spent my time off exploring the island, hanging out with friends, and watching sunsets.

It’s very easy to socialize on a small island like Nusa Lembongan. There’s not a huge party life on the island. The highlight was the full moon or new moon party every two weeks. Everybody is there, so it’s very easy to get in contact with the people here.

Work, Work, Work

Obviously, it’s not all about living the dream in paradise. I also came to learn and run the social media for my dive shop. My previous marketing experience was quite helpful for some of the tasks. But I also gained a lot of new knowledge about digital marketing.

In the beginning, I struggled a bit to find my rhythm. I was overwhelmed with my new home and all the new work. But after one or two weeks, I had it down. I created a weekly schedule to organize myself. A very helpful tool for time management and organisation is Trello.

A typical workspace of an intern can be in a café on the beach. Like a real digital nomad.

Speaking about Trello… Paradise Interns loves Trello! Any questions about the marketing internship? You will find it in Trello. What’s the deadline for this or that? All the work and deadlines are organized on different boards. What’s the deal with vacation days? On another Trello board. You can find answers yourself any time and keep things organised. I think I never closed Trello in the entire six months.

Dive, Dive, Dive

Apart from gaining new marketing experience, I also gained more diving experience. I went diving almost every day. I saw mantas and the weird mola. Nusa Lembongan is one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. I learned how to propagate corals, and I’m a PADI dive instructor now.

I was already a divemaster when I started the internship. So I got the instructor development course for free with Paradise Interns. This is another valuable career option I have now.

Diving every day is part of the internship of Paradise Interns.

A great chance for my future career

To wrap it up, I can say that I would always join Paradise Interns again. I learned a lot about digital marketing and myself. I have new career options and made good connections for my future.

If I can give one piece of advice for future Piñas: try to make the best out of your internship, even if you struggle sometimes. It is worth it.