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About Paradise Interns

Paradise Interns Alumnis
Paradise Interns Alumnis

Anna Kloth and the Paradise Interns Story


Founder, Intern Mentor, Snort While She Laughs-Er

Anna Kloth is the Founder and Executive Director of Paradise Interns, an educational program that matches capable interns with companies who are looking to step towards the digital age.

Anna has been involved in the diving industry for 6 years and marketing for 8 years. In 2012, she moved to Indonesia as a bright-eyed Master Scuba Diver Trainer where she was first employed by Blue Marlin Dive Komodo. Within 6 months, her position had been modified so that she could handle social media marketing, produce a new website and complete light graphic design for the dive shop. In 2015, Anna began her role as the Director of Business Development for the Blue Marlin Dive corporation. 

In her tenure at Blue Marlin Dive, Anna was responsible for anything and everything that could be considered marketing or business development. Duties included, but were not limited to, marketing strategy, rebranding to create a singular vision and tone across all locations, social media management, website design, graphic design, copywriting, photo editing, TripAdvisor monitoring, facilitating a move to G-Suite, travel agent packages and outreach, the creation of a CRM, content creation, monthly newsletters, monthly blogs, accounting, organisation of trade shows, influencer campaigns, vendor communication, setting up OTA’s, a liveaboard on-boarding system and more. Juggle much?

In 2016, after feeling a bit like a multitasking octopus, Anna took on two French marketing students to spread out some of the tasks and help give them the real world experience their school dictated. A million laughs and two close friends later, Anna realised that teaching others was the new new. She would choose her own interns, train them and set them up at each shop. The need for dive shops AND prospective interns had presented itself and thus, Paradise Interns was born.

2 years and 80 interns later, Paradise Interns prides itself on helping others make the move to a new country, introducing interns to the skyrocketing industry of digital marketing, establishing connections within the diving industry and making lasting connections with current and previous interns.

What are former interns saying about it?

  • The internship entails a whole lotta learning and immersing yourself in Indonesia. I was loving every minute of it. The marketing side of things is an informative course, if you pay attention and make your struggles known, you’ll be just fine. Realising that you will be representing a real live brand is kind of daunting. You’re the internet gatekeeper of a dive shop that relies heavily on their web presence. That being said, you aren’t working for a big corporation, you can allow your own voice to shine through: that's why Anna selects us for these individual shops. Just remember to immerse yourself in the process, learn what you can and most importantly have fun. I know that to many this may have seemed like a ridiculous decision, and I’m pretty sure they’re still not entirely sanguine about it. But for myself, I know I’ve found a path that I’m excited to follow and I’m going to be able to use this to gain potential employment with other companies. Who knew that thanks to social media, I would be here on this tropical island and diving the best dive sites in the world. Finding paradise interns was an amalgamation of both sheer luck and some pretty amazing Facebook targeting on Anna’s part.

    Dawn Former Intern
  • My internship with Anna Kloth? One of the best professional experiences I’ve had and my favourite internship!  I started my internship with knowledge in marketing from my previous experiences, of course, but I wasn't confident in all aspects of the job. It could be difficult to talk about these subjects with your manager but this is crucial. Anna listened in order to help me improve. She gave me tasks that put me out of my comfort zone to help me increase my skills and become more confident. However, I didn't feel looked over and not supported. I knew I could ask her if I had questions. The great point with the internship is that you work on each aspect of the business under the direct supervision of Anna. Therefore, there are a lot of things to learn and Anna is always very happy to explain and show them to you if you are interested. Furthermore, the other point I really enjoyed was that Anna would ask my point of view and my thoughts about specific subjects. I didn't feel like an intern, but actually part of the team working together to get the best results. Don't misunderstand me, it is quite intense, you don't count the hours and you need to be independent and willing to learn, however, what you will get out of your internship is new knowledge, skills and great memories!

    Elise Chevalier
    Elise Chevalier Blue Marlin Komodo Intern

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